Welcome to Stanhope Castle.

Stanhope Castle in Weardale

Stanhope Castle lies in the heart of Weardale, in the North Pennines, North East of the UK. 

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The Interior.

Stanhope Castle Interior

As you enter the building, old photographs and original artwork can be viewed, leading to apartments with beautiful oak doors. The interiors lead on to oval rooms bedecked with classical motifs in ceiling cornices, large paned windows and beautiful open fires. Glorious views over the lawn and herbaceous borders are not to be missed, along with the tranquillity of the garden setting.

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Stanhope Castle Entrance Hall

Entrance Hall
The entrance hall has doors leading to oval rooms, decorated with classical motifs in ceiling cornices.



Stanhope castle garden


The grounds to the castle are extensive, including a beautiful lawn to the front of the house, and side elevation, and woodland pathways lead to the river.



Stanhope Castle Conservatory

The conservatory which has perpendicular tracery was used to house hunting trophies for the Bainbridge family.

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Stanhope Castle Facts

In Nov 1797 Cuthbert Rippon of London acquired the two parcels of land, called Castle Heugh and started to rebuild the house with the local architect Ignatius Bonomi of Durham (1787-1870). The house was referred to as Stanhope Castle.

The castle then consisted of a four cornered building, two stories high with semi-circular projections at each end and embattled walls. A conservatory was added later leading to a high square tower with large windows.


The castle was designed by Ignatius Bonomi of Durham who also designed Skelton Castle and Egglestone Hall

Stanhope Castle motto